Cross-Platform Chess Openings Wizard Used By 60,000 Chess Players And Built In Delphi

Chess Openings Wizard is a tool for macOS, Windows, iPad, and Android that drastically reduces the time it takes to design and memorize an opening and it is built in Delphi. The cross-platform versions utilize FireMonkey to save development time. Grandmasters and novices can map out their openings and compare their plans to the best players and incredibly strong computer opponents. According to the developer “if you are designing an opening with either a game database app or with a playing program, you’re working too hard. Chess Openings Wizard contains 34 years of refinements, with precisely the tools that a serious tournament player requires to prepare openings fast. Chess Openings Wizard is a mobile companion app for the same program on Windows and Macintosh.” With it you can move your opening repertoire onto your device (Android and iPad) and prepare anywhere. Find out more in the video blog.

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