Check Out How to Manipulate A PDF Document In This Learn Delphi Video

In this video, we are going to learn an interesting trick that you can easily and effectively apply to PDF using the Delphi program. In this particular tutorial, Alister Christie will show us how to manipulate a PDF file and to add Binary Page Numbers to it. This new Learn Delphi video will showcase a step-by-step demonstration on how to put page numbers in binary in a PDF.

It is also interesting to note that Christine used another third-party component to make this PDF file manipulation possible. He used the Gnostice PDFToolKit and its watermarking feature which allows you to add text, images, and shape watermarks to a PDF Document. In the video, in particular, Alister decided to put Binary Page Numbers on all the pages of his book. Check out this Learn Delphi video above and learn more about windows development and Delphi.