Award Winning Native Windows SFTP Client Built With C++Builder And Download 143+ Million Times

WinSCP is a popular award winning native SFTP client, FTP client, and file manager for Microsoft Windows. It has been download over 143 million times and is available in many languages. WinSCP is built with a number of programming languages but C++Builder is the main tool powering it’s graphical user interface. It is a great example of leveraging C++Builder’s fast UI development capabilities in combination with other programming languages. It has an integrated text editor and supports scripting and automation. It is a native Windows application weighing in at only 10.9 megabytes for the download and uses only 9.2 megabytes of system memory logged into a standard SFTP site. It features both an Explorer like interface and a Commander like interface in addition to integration with PuTTY, Pageant, and native Windows drag and drop.


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