Advanced Screensaver Factory Creates Stunning Screensavers And Is Built In Delphi

Screensaver Factory is a professional screensaver generation software with unlimited royalty free commercial distribution and it is built in Delphi. They list Microsoft, Pfizer, EPSON, Verizon, AutoDesk, HSBC, Sony and Motorola in addition to thousands of smaller businesses among their many clients. According to their website it is the most advanced software of it’s kind and is very easy to use, plus it enables you to make self-installing screensaver files and CDs for easy setup and distribution. It features advanced transition effects, the ability to create a licensing system for the screensavers you create, and even an RSS feed mode which can load and display an RSS feed on the screensaver. This is a great example of a developer using Delphi to build a professional software product that delivers.


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