8 Go-To Resources About Development On Windows

Alvin Toffler once wrote: The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Ironically, we are in the 21st century, and Windows software development is not an exception. This perpetual process of learning and unlearning can be tedious without proper resources. Fortunately, tons of free and premium resources are available to make our journey pleasurable. Let us review the eight most essential resources for software development on Windows.

1. Do you know about Embarcadero Academy?

Embarcadero Academy is a unique resource for Delphi certifications and professional courses. While the main focus is on Delphi and C++ Builder, many other languages and modern software development topics are available. In addition, while there are premium courses, many resources are entirely free. do-you-know-about-embarcadero-academy-2209

Four main areas of this site are as follows:

  1. Delphi Courses are available from Beginners to Advances and comprise of latest changes and updates. Topics included are Popular Frameworks like VCL(Windows Development), FireMonkey(Cross-Platform Development or FMX), Delphi Generics, Interfaces, Data Aware Apps, XML, REST, Android Clients, and up to Object Pascal.
  2. Delphi Certifications are available to certify knowledgeable programmers. Certificates require passing Exams that thoroughly test the programming knowledge of a Delphi Developer. Passing marks are 80%, and the certificate is valid for two years. Packages include a downloadable study guide, practice Exams, Official exams, and Exam Retakes. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate of achievement and a certified developer logo to distinguish yourself.
  3. Other languages: Besides Delphi, it has video courses on other popular languages like Java, JavaScript, C, C#, and C++. Courses range from introductory “Learn to program” to “Advanced Programming” and master-level programming.
  4. Online Sessions like Delphi Bootcamps, CodeRage sessions, Conferences, Webinars, Replays are available. Hundreds of hours of video courses are available.

You can sign up for free to join Embarcadero Academy now.

2. How to get off to a flying start and quickly learn C++?

C++ is a complex language if you dont access excellent learning resources. Fortunately, Learn C Plus Plus is a great free resource available for you to learn and apply C++ skills. The site currently contains:

  1. Content about C++ Syntax, Code snippets, language features, and articles related to C++11.
  2. Hundreds of hours of videos related to hot topics related to C++.
  3. A lot of content is about how to solve or do a particular task. This approach is advantageous in practical programming.
  4. The site also has a page offering free licenses of superb C++ development tools. Visit Learn C++ now.

3. Do you know what Delphi social networks are available? what-are-delphi-social-networks-available-2209

Joining a social network to get help from fellow programmers and experts is an excellent shortcut to problem-solving. The golden tip for getting help from a community is first to do your homework and then explain your problem in detail so that others can easily understand and help. There are many active Delphi communities and forums available. You can get help and showcase your development for free tips and improvement ideas. Some of these social networks are:

  1. Delphi Praxis and Delphi topics at Stack Overflow are vital Delphi resources.
  2. Delphi developer and C++Builder Developer might be interesting if you are an avid Facebook user.
  3. Delphi Reddit and many LinkedIn places available like Delphi Professionals Delphi And Pascal Developer Group  Powered by Delphi
  4. Some localized Delphi groups like Australia, BrazilRussia, German, Spanish, and Turkish are also very active.

For an up-to-date list of Delphi and C++ Builder communities, visit the Community page at Embarcadero.

4. How to improve code quality for development on Windows?

90% of the programming activity is reading the code. Reading quality code would improve your understanding of the tools and polish your skills. However, having access to excellent source code is complicated. Most Windows IDEs are closed source. Delphi RAD Studio has complete source code available. You can read it as the best available documentation or find the standard ways of solving a particular problem. Also, you can find hundreds of Open Source Delphi projects on Github and other platforms to add to your arsenal.

5. Where can I find the latest Delphi books?where-can-i-find-the-latest-delphi-books-2209

Many great Delphi books are available, and Our all-time favorite is now available for free. Download the new Object Pascal Handbook by Marco Cantú. Moreover, as interest increases, more and more good resources appear. For example, several new books have become available in the last year. For a more updated list of Delphi and Windows development books, visit Delphi Books page now.

6. What crucial role does DocWiki play in development on Windows?

Embarcadero DocWiki is the most up-to-date resource and the first line of defense for any problem in development on Windows. Its powerful search feature helps to dig out any topic quickly. One exciting thing about DocWiki is that it is automatically set to the latest version of Delphi and RAD studio to view the most updated information. Still, you can also see previous versions in the view History tab quickly. Apart from documentation, it contains sections like What’s new, Tutorials, Code examples, and scores of articles necessary for efficient development on windows. Visit DocWiki to learn more.

7. Why is following the Embarcadero YouTube Channel important?

Embarcadero’s YouTube channel is a great resource to visit for serious developers.

  • It contains lots of discussions, webinars, interviews, ideas, how to do things, and product release introductions.
  • Many playlists are available to watch all videos about a topic or course easily.
  • It also has other channels like subscriptions and Partner channels on its Channels Page.
  • Some videos are also available in other than English as local content in supported languages.

Visit the Embarcadero Technologies YouTube Channel for fresh content.

8. What is the best Python GUI option available?what-is-the-best-python-gui-option-available-2209

Python is a great and powerful language, but unfortunately, it has had poor options for Windows GUI applications up until now. Python GUI is an excellent resource for high-performance native Windows Graphical User Interface stuff. Besides Python and Python-GUI content, this site also contains handy articles on Windows, Delphi, and C++ programming. Links to Native Python IDE for Windows and Python For Delphi community are also available. To learn more, visit Python GUI now.

Are you ready to get started now?

It is fascinating that we have so many learning resources at our disposal these days that it is difficult to decide where to start. But there is no need to panic. Instead, it is necessary to read daily, apply what you learn, and move at your own pace. So, to get started, download your copy of Delphi for Development on Windows now!

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