20 Fun Facts About Clean Code Development On Windows

If you carry out native development on windows for a living, clean coding can add fun and enjoyment to your job. Let us explore some fun facts about clean code windows program development.

1. Why is change inevitable in any software system?

A discarded software does not need any change. However, any successful software will require many changes for compatibility, addition, correction, legal reasons, etc. This software change is only possible and cost-effective if it follows clean code principles.

2. Is clean code related to your development on windows tool?

Sure, clean coding is more about you than your tools. But Abraham Maslow said: “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Thus, development on windows with Delphi helps you create outstanding solutions while adhering to clean code techniques.

3. What is the primary task of a software developer?Development on Windows - Primary Task of a Developer

Programming computers is inherently complex. Therefore, the primary task of a software developer is to reduce complexity. By adhering to clean coding principles, we can reduce complexity as much as possible from our coding solutions.

4. What is the meaning of “Soft” in software?

The software starts with “soft,” meaning “easy to mold, cut, compress, or fold”. Unlike hardware, which has a fixed functionality for life, the software is easily changeable by design, which is the cause of all pros and cons of the software.

5. Should we love the source code or the software?

Source code and software distinctions are evident to programmers only. Thus, when software is “ready” for the customer, the source code might not be. Justifying this extra work to the customer is difficult, but we should fight for code quality to serve their needs for better software.

6. Why is Pascal a clean coding language by design?

Clean coding is all about explaining code well. Interestingly enough, Niklaus Wirth designed Pascal to explain structured programming. While modern object pascal is feature-rich, it still retains its spirit of readability and clarity, making it the number one choice for writing clean code.

7. Why is coding faster not the answer?


Although many developers mix up productivity and typing speed, the ratio of time spent reading code versus writing is well over ten to one, making coding faster unimportant. Instead, READing code more quickly and producing READABLE code is essential, which is best possible with clean coding.

8. Can it be dangerous to write spaghetti code?

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live” ― John Woods (My Addition: and he knows when you are alone ;))

9. Can clean coding bring more work to you?

Clean coding enhances the lifespan of your code by improving its quality. Your code’s long-lasting smooth working in the industry will boost your image and connections. As businesses are always searching for quality programmers, this will drastically bring more work to you.

10. What does your code tell you about yourself?

If your code is easier to read and change, it tells that you care about your profession and about the person who will maintain your code. On the other hand, messy code means that you only care about doing as minimum work as possible without considering others.

11. Does code have nine lives?

James Gosling created and discarded the Oak programming language, but it never died and became Java. COBOL and FORTRAN are still alive after six decades. Therefore, the moral of the story is to write clean and efficient code because once created, your code might get its own life and persona for decades to come.

12. What do a jungle flower and clean code have in common?

Jungle flowers might have fascinating beauty, but no one is there to appreciate them. Unfortunately, the same is valid for clean code. The managers’ focus is on the business side, and end-users are primarily unaware of the beautiful clean code behind their favorite software.

13. Can clean coding increase your Melatonin level?2203-can-clean-coding-increase-your-melatonin-level

We can avoid many emergencies with proper care and planning. Writing high-quality, clean code helps prevent crises and terrible late-night debugging. Thus, sleeping better improves melatonin levels and wellness.

14. What is the future of low code development?

According to Gartner, by 2024, 65%+ software development will be low code. Only high-quality clean code can help us go to the next level of abstraction. Delphi is the first RAD solution, and it is also on the front end of low code application development. Read more about Delphi’s low code features here.

15. Is 100% clean coding possible in non-native development?

Abstractions limit a developers’ access to underlying code in non-native development, hindering code optimization and performance. Thus full-fledged clean coding is only possible in native development systems like Delphi RAD studio.

16. Can clean coding sharpen your mind?

Programming is problem-solving, which forces us to improve our analytical capabilities. Clean coding is the next level of this skill. Thus, clean coding practices can enhance your creative and cognitive abilities. In addition, problem analysis abstractions can help in clear thinking.

17. What do clean coding, refactoring, and testing have in common?

Once you have written the working program code, you need to optimize it. However, code refactoring without automated testing is error prone. Thus, clean coding, refactoring, and testing are interdependent. Fortunately, Delphi helps us in all three steps quickly and thoroughly.

18. What are noise words in naming elements?

Noise words do not add meaning to variables, functions, and class names. Therefore, removing noise words will increase the readability of the code. Examples of noise words are “data”, “info”, “object”, “the manager”, “class”, and others I’m sure you’ve seen.

19. Why does clean code discourage surprises?2203-why-does-clean-code-discourage-surprises

Coders tend to give surprises in code, but clean coding discourages surprises. Thus, in clean coding, the implementation of a function is the same as what you expected from its name. This expectancy saves time because you only need to read the function name to go to the desired place.

20. Why do many developers chase passing trends?

No one can be a master of all 700+ programming languages, but the basics are the same. If you choose a great environment and have the right mindset, you will not run after trendy jargon. For example, there have been Delphi developers producing high-quality since 1995. It would be best if you also considered this.

Are you ready for clean code development on windows?

Clean code development on windows is fun, profitable, and fulfilling. To achieve the best results in your development career, always choose the best windows development tool. Download your copy of Delphi RAD studio free now.

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