10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Get A New Python Development Tool

Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language which was first launched 31 years ago. It is known for its simplicity, readability, and excellent libraries. It consistently appears in lists of the top programming languages, so many part-time developers consider giving it more airtime. However, to do more in Python, you need a better Python development tool and learn new ways. Change is always easy for newbies as they have less to unlearn. Thus, if you are a seasoned Python developer, updating might be difficult. But as change is inevitable, embracing better tools and ways will keep you ahead of the competition as a senior Python developer. So here is our list of the best Python development tools and ten reasons you should add them to your development environment.

1. Do you want to Quadruple your Python development?


Productivity in software development is all about getting results fast. You can quadruple your Python development to produce outstanding Python solutions by following these methods:

  • Re-use available quality code quickly and easily by getting hands-on experience with more libraries and leveraging already available quality code. It will improve your coding skills and productivity. You can read about two great libraries, Python4Delphi and Delphi4Python, below.
  • Joining an excellent Python community will help you out when you are stuck and learn from fellow programmers’ posts.
  • Contributing to Open Source Python projects like PyScripter will increase the Python Pie available to all of us, and it will also make you a master of Python programming.
  • Use a better Python development tool and Improve your problem-solving skills by Pair programming and code review sessions.

2. Do you know about VCL and FireMonkey frameworks?

Delphi VCL is a mature Windows native GUI framework by Embarcadero Technologies. It comprises hundreds of easy-to-use components and third-party tools. DelphiVCL for Python brings all these native GUI-building capabilities to Python with minor efforts and learning. This framework will give you the ultimate edge for designing windows GUI-based apps in Python.

FireMonkey by Embarcadero Technologies is a cross-platform GUI framework available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Also, with a third-party library of FMX Linux, you can extend it to Linux. DelphiFMX for Python brings massive FMX powers to Python developers. See this video for a quick start of the best Python GUI design capabilities. >

3. Do you know about Python4Delphi?

With Python4Delphi, you can create Python extension modules through Delphi classes and routines. You can also use Delphi objects in Python scripts. This capability means you have a world of the tested and optimized codebase at your disposal for immediate use in Python. It can significantly improve your Python coding performance, and any time you spend learning this module is an investment. Also, this open-source project comes with an MIT license. It has an extensive range of demo applications that makes it trivial to master this module and supercharge your Python development.

4. Is Windows your primary development system?is-windows-your-primary-development-system-2207

If Windows is your primary development system, like most developers, there is no need for cross-platform IDEs. Instead, you need an IDE that performs well on windows. Only native windows applications can perform well on windows, and everything else is compromised. PyScripter is the most performance-oriented Python IDEs available for the Windows platform.

5. Do you know why Java-based IDEs are poor performers?

Java-based applications are slower than native ones because Java is memory hungry, and it also executes all commands in a virtual machine environment rather than directly and natively on the actual computer hardware and operating system. Java might not be a bad option for ordinary users, but it hinders your productivity as a developer because you might have to test, compile, debug, and check-in/check-out hundreds of times a day. Due to this fundamental design limitation, all java-based IDEs like PyCharm, Eclipse, IntelliJ are less useful for Python development unless you have a super-speed computer or work on trivial scripts. PyScripter, on the other hand, works like a charm because it is a lightweight, super-fast native application with all the features available for free.

6. Do you know why Atom apps are slower than native ones?do-you-know-why-atom-apps-are-slower-than-native-ones-2207

Apps built with Atom Shell (aka Electron) are naturally slow because these apps are just like a chrome tab running inside a browser. Electron apps combine HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and browser. That is why the size of an electron app is also enormous, and this significant overhead packaged with the application makes it very slow. Both Visual Studio Code and Atom are Electron-based Apps. These IDEs are responsive on powerful computers, but as you install more plugins or work on larger Python projects, their resource-hungry nature starts showing itself, making them very slow IDEs for Python development. PyScripter, on the other hand, is a native Windows application with a small footprint and resource-friendly performance.

7. Are you an avid Notepad++ user?

According to StackOverflow statistics, about one-quarter of developers use Notepad++ for coding. It does not prove that this is the best tool because it is not. It only proves that these programmers are occasional coders, have more roles than programming, or are unaware of better ways. If you are a Notepad++ Python programmer, you will benefit from transitioning to PyScripter IDE as your Python development tool. It will help you do more Python development in less time and with minimum hassle.

8. Are you developing in a virtual box or ordinary computer?are-you-developing-in-a-virtual-box-or-ordinary-computer-2207

If your Python development resides in a virtual box or your computer is low on resources, there is no point in using heavily bloated IDEs. Sure, you can update your computer or allocate more resources to your virtual box, but this is not the proper way to solve the problem. Instead, each software should use the minimum amount of resources needed. PyScripter is the lightest IDE with every feature you expect from a professional IDE and excellent performance.

9. Do you want to upgrade your Python development tool for free?

If you are not satisfied with your current Python IDE and you (or your organization) have no money to spend on it, or it is against the policy, you need a free but professional solution. PyScripter is a commercial-grade Python development tool that is also free and open source. So you don’t have to spend a dime on more features. Just download PyScripter and set yourself free on your pathway to Python success.

10. Are you with the same Python IDE/Code Editor for a long time?are-you-with-the-same-ide-code-editor-for-a-long-time-2207b

If you have been with your current Python IDE/Code editor for a long time, you should upgrade and change to a better one. This change will open new doors of possibility, and it will also show you alternative ways of doing things. You may also find some tedious, routine tasks automated along the way, saving you lots of time and effort.

Are you ready to embrace your new Python development tool?

If one or more of the above signs are true for you, you need to upgrade to PyScripter. Fortunately, as PyScripter is free and open source, the risk of being stuck without access to the means to fix problems is mitigated. Furthermore, once you become used to its highly productive interface, there will be no turning back from that ease of use. So be ready and grab your copy of the best Python development tool now.

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