What’s Next: WebStorm 2022.2 Roadmap


Last month, we rolled out WebStorm 2022.1, our first major update of 2022. Today we want to tell you about our plans for the next release coming this July. The main focus will be on improving the overall quality of the product and fixing some long-standing bugs.

  • Improvements for Vue. Our support for Vue 3 has lagged behind some of the latest Vue updates. To address this, we’ll be prioritizing Vue 3 bug fixes and features so we can solve the most critical problems. You can also expect support for Vite, a popular build tool, in the first bug-fix update for WebStorm 2022.1.
  • TypeScript housekeeping. We’re working on a bunch of TypeScript-related tasks to keep WebStorm’s TypeScript support in good shape. We’ve updated the bundled version to 4.6, and we’re getting ready for the TypeScript 4.7 release by adding support for new language features like extends constraints on infer type variables (WEB-55516) and optional variance annotations for type parameters (WEB-55517).
  • Minor updates for Angular. We’re planning to ship some fixes for Angular users, including the one for the wrong keyvalue pipe type evaluation (WEB-51209). We’re also looking into what improvements are going to land in Angular 14 to understand what we’ll need to be implemented on the IDE side. We’ve already solved a couple of related problems (WEB-55218 and WEB-55519). Additionally, we’re going to remove the AngularJS project template from the New Project dialog, as AngularJS has reached its end of support.
  • A new built-in remote development workflow. With WebStorm 2021.3, we introduced a beta version of our new remote development workflow, with JetBrains Gateway. We were planning to bundle it with v2022.1, but we had to postpone this decision until the next release. We hope we’ll fix the remaining bugs and make the functionality available out of the box in v2022.2.

That’s about it. We can’t guarantee that all these improvements will be included, but we’ll do our best to make it happen. Stay tuned for information about the upcoming start of the Early Access Program for 2022.2!

P.S. We’re actively looking for brave souls to join our team as software developers. If you’ve ever thought about becoming an IDE developer and have knowledge of Java or Kotlin, don’t miss the chance to apply for a WebStorm software developer position here.

The WebStorm team