What Are Windows 11’s New Security Requirements And Changes?

TCoffee and Code is a weekly virtual meeting series launched by Embarcadero Technologies on their YouTube channel. The goal for this series is to gather different developers and programmers in an informal virtual session to discuss some of the most important and the latest news about Delphi and the software development industry. In this new TCoffee and Code session, Embarcadero MVPs Ian Barker, Jim McKeeth, and Holger Flick were gathered to share their own thoughts about the newly launched Microsoft Windows 11 operating system and some of our favorite Windows App Development Tools.

Are there major changes in Windows 11?

Windows 11 offers a vast number of important changes compared to its predecessor, especially with some of the new available windows tools for developers. There are notable major changes, especially in its current graphical user interface. For instance, the new Windows 11 comes with a centered taskbar and a simplified widget bar that requires users to adjust to its new layout. In this video, the panel will highlight one of the major security feature changes in Windows 11. One of the system requirements for the new operating system is the TPM or Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0). The presence of this module will not just improve platform security on a higher scale, but will also effectively prevent software piracy. However, it also means that users must have a newer computer to embrace Windows 11 at full capacity.

What Windows 11 development tools are available?

Aside from the newly added TPM requirement, the team will also discuss other notable changes in the system especially with some of the development tools. This includes the revamped Windows Subsystem. The new operating system now allows you to easily install WSL. This particular feature allows users to natively run Linux Graphical User Interface in the Windows system. It is also interesting to mention that Windows 11 now allows users to run Android applications.

The panel will also highlight other important development tools for Windows 11 including some Accessibility changes, virtualization, and Windows 11’s Right to Repair support. We will also get to see how the newly released Rad Studio 11 runs in Windows 11 in this video. Feel free to watch this new TCoffee and Code session to learn more.