Top 10 How-To’s: Delphi & Python

What would it be like to create tools that integrate Delphi with Python? How much fun would it be to allow Delphi to execute Python code and call Python libraries, and allow Python to call modules in Delphi and interact with Delphi code, objects, interfaces and records?

Two-directional integration is a great boon to Delphi developers, and the open-source Python4Delphi (P4D) library by Kiriakos Vlahos, author of the popular PyScripter Python IDE, does precisely that. Through Python4Delphi, Delphi developers can leverage the entire collection of Python libraries directly from their favorite IDE. Python4Delphi also allows Delphi developers to execute easily execute Python scripts and create new Python modules and types directly from Delphi applications.

If you work with both Delphi and Python, and want to, here are our 10 top How-To’s for combining the two languages:

1. How Can I Get Started With Python for Delphi Developers?

Part 1 of the Python for Delphi Developers webinar. Agenda includes Motivation and Synergies, Introduction to Python, Introduction to Python for Delphi, Simple Demo, TPythonModule, TPyDelphiWrapper


2. How Can I Combine The Strengths of Delphi and Python?

Part 2 of the Python for Delphi Developers webinar, with Q&A.


3. How Can I Get Started With Python4Delphi?

SynEdit is an optional library that provides syntax highlighting and proper indentation behaviors if you want to allow users to edit Python code in your application. It is an open-source VCL only component set available via GetIt or on GitHub. Installing it via GetIt is the easiest.


4. How Can I Set And Get a Variant Array Between Delphi And Python For Building Windows Apps?

Python4Delphi offers the TPythonModule component which has a method and procedure to exchange a variant array. This post guides you to do that. You can also use Python4Delphi with C++Builder.


5. How Can I Use Threads Inside Python For a Windows Delphi App?

We know Delphi supports Multithreading. Multithreading in Python can be achieved using Python Module Threading. However, In a use case like Delphi Application embedding Python(Python4Delphi) or CPython, the interpreter is not fully thread-safe.


6. How Can I Run a Simple Python Script in a Delphi Application Using Python4Dephi?

How about combining the strength of Delphi and Python for your applications to provide first-class solutions for your customer needs? Thinking about how to do it? Don’t worry! Python4Delphi does it for us.


7. How Can I Use Python4Delphi With C++Builder?

David I. has a fantastic blog post on using Python4Delphi with C++Builder. This was inspired by our previous webinars on the topic. and is the result of his collaboration with Kiriakos (AKA PyScripter), the maintainer of Python4Delphi, who also made some changes in the library to work better with C++Builder.


8. How Can I Make a Python Module as a DLL Using Python4Delphi?

Sometimes we may need to share the functionalities as DLL and we know, creating a DLL in Delphi is a simple task. We learned how to create a Python Module and add methods to it in Delphi. How about making a Python module as a DLL using Python4Delphi and importing this Python module in another application? This post will guide you to do that. You can also use Python4Delphi with C++Builder.


9. How Can I Wrap Delphi Objects to Python Objects With Python4Delphi?

How to wrap the existing or new Delphi Objects into Python Objects? Not sure? Python4Delphi has the flexibility to do that using a TPyDelphiWrapper component. This post will guide you on how to wrap a Delphi Object to a python Object. You can also use Python4Delphi with C++Builder.


10. How Can I Create And Execute a Python Container Type In Delphi?

This blog post is about creating a Python type with some containers or collections capabilities in Delphi and accessing its elements? Python4Delphi PyObject contains Type Services routines e.g Basic, Number, Sequence, Mapping which can be overridden with our custom Python Types Delphi classes. This post helps to do that.



11. How Can I Build an Iterator Python Type For Delphi?

In this post we learn how to create a Python type using Delphi classes. Thinking How to create an iterator in Delphi Which holds python objects? This post guides you to create a Python Type that contains a list of strings(python string objects) similar to TStringList.


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