TMS WEB Core v1.6 beta brings the pas2js v2.0 quantum leap

The past couple of months and especially weeks have been a nerve-racking ride! Nerve-racking because the scope of introducing the new pas2js v2.0 compiler in TMS WEB Core is huge. Our code library that works with TMS WEB Core and the pas2js compiler meanwhile got huge, so there is a lot of testing and polishing involved to ensure everything continues to work smoothly with the new compiler. But also nerve-racking because the new compiler offers so many exciting features we are eager to take advantage of.
But well, we think we have reached the level of stability where we can offer a beta release for our TMS WEB Core users that should work smooth out of the box and ready to take advantage of the new amazing features!

The new pas2js v2.0 compiler is nothing short of amazing and a quantum leap forward for Object Pascal developers to tackle the most challenging rich web client application developments! And it is not just the compiler itself, it is of course also the supporting RTL for features such as generics. What an honor and experience to work so closely together with the two masterminds of the project Mattias Gaertner and Michael Van Canneyt to bring TMS WEB Core with pas2js v2.0 to life.
The list of new features in the pas2js v2.0 compiler is long and can be consulted in detail here but let me highlight the major new capabilities:

  • Generics
  • Attributes
  • Class constructors
  • Resource strings
  • Async procedure decorator
  • Await support
  • JavaScript promises support

Best of all, we expect the introduction of this huge step forward to be smooth. All our demos for example continue to work without changing any line of code. Unless you did perhaps very specific things directly with underlying JavaScript objects or event handlers, the new version should be fully backwards compatible.

Before moving to a final release of TMS WEB Core v1.6.0.0, we want to give you, users of TMS ALL-ACCESS or TMS WEB Core sufficient time to test the new version, give your feedback, address issues in case these would arise. You can find the beta download now on the “My Products” page on your account on our website. This beta version can be used from Delphi XE7 to Delphi 10.4 Sydney as well as Lazarus 2.0.10.

At the same time our team is feverishly working on bringing the pas2js v2.0 compiler also to TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code. The challenge is even bigger here as we need to test and validate everything on 3 different operating systems as you can use TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code directly on Windows, macOS and Linux to build Object Pascal based web client applications. Expect also here that a beta will follow shortly!

Oh, and by the way, TMS WEB Core v1.6 will be get the name Pesaro. Pesaro is the town along the legendary Mille Miglia 1955 race after Rimini that was the name of version v1.5. So, our race with TMS WEB Core enjoys the beautiful scenery of Pesaro.