TMS FNC Chart Update 1.8

TMS FNC Chart is designed to display different kinds of data such as financial and marketing data, monthly business sales,

graphical and math data and much more as a chart. This chart is almost fully customizable.

TMS Software Delphi Chart Components TMS Software Delphi Chart Components

Updated Editor

In this new update the editor was changed to work as the other editors in other FNC products.

The editor adapts to your theme, it changes according to the Light or Dark style of the IDE.
It now has high DPI aware controls that look crisp in run-time and in design-time on Delphi 11 Alexandria.
And the editor is available in Visual Studio Code.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Works together with TMS Analytics & Physics

The TMS Analytics & Physics library is a set of classes that provide functionality for building powerful math applications with Delphi. And you can visualize the data or formulas with the TMS FNC Chart.

TMS Software Delphi Chart Components
More information on TMS FNC Chart can be found on the product page.