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In February 2020 we announced the TMS Academic Program.

Today we are happy to extend the TMS Academic Program with a new product : TMS Aurelius v5.1.

This license can be used with Delphi 10.4.x Sydney.

With the Delphi Academic edition students already have an extremely powerful tool in their hands and we want to enrich this with offering our most popular products also free to students with the TMS Academic Program.

Getting started :

  1. Register for a free TMS Aurelius Academic license with a school or university email address
  2. Receive your credentials to login on our website via your student email address
  3. Login and download your free TMS Aurelius Academic installer
  4. Install the product in the Delphi 10.4.x edition.
  5. Enjoy being part of the TMS family with full access to our website, TMS support center, product updates for 1 year and develop great Delphi VCL applications

Interesting video’s:

TMS Aurelius video’s

Available books:

IntroducingDelphi ORM: Object Relational Mapping Using TMS Aurelius.

Get started with TMS software today and secure
your place for the future in t
he Delphi world!

TMS Aurelius is
our new addition to the family and we plan to
extend this academic program. We are curious to know how the TMS
Academic Program helped you so far in achieving exciting software development
challenges and we are eager to learn what next TMS products you would wish to
see in the academic program.