The Ultimate Productivity Application: My Shift Planner

Most organizations, particularly in the retail and manufacturing sectors once they go beyond a handful of employees, start to introduce shift working arrangements. Shifts can help to make the most efficient use of work time and ensure a continuous production or service availability. The filling and coordination of shifts, however, also introduces some complexities and before long administrators and the employees can begin to struggle a little to keep on top of things.

my shift planner workflow

Helping with the shift scheduling workflow

My Shift Planner, from UK developers MyBuzz Technologies, is designed for shift workers to help take back control of their work/life balance and help manage when and what their working hours will be. According to the developer, “My Shift Planner is the most powerful Shift Work Calendar app on the market and the easiest to setup and use. Download today to gain back control of your social calendar.”

Making admirable use of RAD Studio Delphi to produce cross-platform mobile code MyBuzz have really packed a host of features into My Shift Planner which extract the real benefits of the Firemonkey FMX framework to leverage the user’s mobile device. It’s a superb tool for shift workers.

Key Features of My Shift Planner

  • Easy set up.
  • The most common shift schedules are already pre-configured as well as custom set up
  • The shifts synchronize with the mobile device’s calendar.
  • Flexible enough to cope with almost any type of roster.
  • Allows for recording notes as well as actual worked hours and overtime.
  • Contains work reports so that staff can view and check their worksheets.
  • Lets the staff know which day is pay day.
  • Has sharing facilities to share the roster with family and friends.
  • Has built-in, free backup tools..

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My Shift Planner

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