The Top 5 Misconceptions About Windows Program Development

The Windows operating system is the most used desktop operating system in the World. Windows 11 launched with a substantial firestorm of publicity from Microsoft. With the new innovations such as the excellent Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL) there seems to be a large uptick in interest from coders looking to Windows program development. Microsoft have consolidated their position as the dominant desktop operating system and by incorporating increasingly innovative features such as Android support and the WSL Windows is in a very strong position to beat back challenges from those who are looking toward devices like Chromebooks and Linux on the desktop.

Accompanying that ethos of modernization Microsoft turned their attention toward the look and feel of Window’s user interface. The Microsoft Fluent Design System introduced a new UI/UX to the Windows OS ecosystem. It was a lighter, more modern ‘feel’ to the controls and embraced many of the stylistic ideals from the likes of Apple and Android.

The current Windows program development industry is embracing the open platform, and this means everyone has unrestricted access to run the most comprehensive range of apps on Windows. This open platform also enables developers to build the apps and experiences that empower users to create, learn, and play.

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We can see lots of improvements in these three areas for Windows 11:

  1. The Fluent Design System & the new Microsoft Store
  2. News for Game Developers and Gamers
  3. Advances in end-to-end Web development along with new features for native Windows apps.

The new Microsoft Store on Windows announced that it accepts more app types, like Win32, .NET, and PWAs, and support for Android apps from Amazon Appstore. This all creates a new collection of complex development tools that you should know. You might already think about how complicated it gets, but with Delphi, everything becomes much easier.

In 1995 Delphi was acclaimed as the next-generation Windows development tool, blending the most intuitive visual design environment with the unrivaled performance of a world-class optimizing native code compiler. With Delphi, you can create apps for all major platforms with less coding effort. You can target Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Web with your single codebase.

The Top 5 Misconceptions About Windows Program Development. Graphic showing how to compile and deploy high performance native apps with Delphi

If you search for a Windows desktop development tool online, you come across web technologies that offer desktop development. But these tools force you to learn many technologies to create a simple application. Moreover, it is hard to understand, and applications built with web technologies do not offer your product pure device performance and security.

Delphi’s RAD Studio provides native app development 5x faster than other development tools. The syntax of the Delphi language is friendly, and it is like giving commands to the computer using plain English.

I’m pretty sure that in several hours you can learn all the basic details of the Delphi programming language and its visual development tools and start developing cross-platform native GUI applications. For instance, this Delphi Boot Camp helps you to learn:

  • Delphi IDE and Intro to your first app
  • Delphi Language from basics to advanced
  • How to build compelling user interfaces with FireMonkey
  • Game Development with Delphi and FireMonkey
  • Mobile and Database Development
  • and more!

Is it hard to deploy a Windows app to the Microsoft Store?

Since we have lots of different technologies and the Microsoft Store only accepts program types like Win32 and .NET, you must use other build tools and need several steps to sign the application to be received. This creates an uncommon experience for developers and takes time to master.

Delphi gives you complete native Windows executables when you compile and build. Moreover, if you want to deploy your program to Microsoft Store, you can easily generate compatible deployable files within seconds. Since the architecture of the Delphi VCL uses native Windows-provided tools to build an application, you never miss new updates. 

The Top 5 Misconceptions About Windows Program Development. Graphic showing how to design a beautiful desktop and mobile app with Delphi.

Furthermore, applications built with Delphi do not require any dependencies or runtime platforms on the machine. With a code signing certificate you have created for distribution outside of the Microsoft Store, you can select Ad Hoc distribution. 

By adding your app to the Microsoft Store, you can have:

  • Easy Discoverability
  • Easy install and uninstall
  • Security
  • Monetization

While Microsoft provides various technologies to build Windows applications, other options like Delphi offer the same functionalities and give a better environment to build GUI applications faster.

Delphi’s Visual Component Library has been in active development for 27 years and offers a modern Windows development experience. Most of the Microsoft GUI frameworks are also used by colossal markets but forsaking and creating a whole new framework out of the older ones might not give you a good view of them. 

So, it is better to utilize the Visual Component Library for Windows development since it gives native Windows applications without a problem. From additional UI controls to embedded WinRT and Reunion control, from support for High DPI to UI styling, the VCL library has kept expanding at a much higher rate than competing native libraries. 

We recommend you read this article by Marco Cantu, the Product Manager of the Embarcadero Delphi: Native Windows is Back to Center Stage.

Has Windows desktop usage declined?

While we can see big sales in the mobile application industry, there is no reduction in the Windows desktop industry. As you can see, there are many fields you can thrive in Windows program development

Moreover, Windows operating systems rule more than 80 percent of desktop users globally. This means you can target billions of users by creating Windows programs and distributing them on Microsoft Store.


Learn more about Windows program development with Delphi!

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