From Reaction to Robots: Riding the AI Wave in 2024

As we navigate another year of consistent zero-day breaches, legislative pivots, the explosion of AI tooling and threat actors growing bolder and more desperate, it’s safe to say that getting comfortable with change is a requirement for thriving in the technology industry. We occupy a notoriously unpredictable space, but that’s half the fun. Compared to […]

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KubeCon 2023:’s Developer Control Plane

Speaker 1: This is Techstrong TV. Alan Shimel: Hey, everyone, we’re back. We’re here in Chicago at KubeKon. We’re wrapping up our day two coverage, our last guest for day two. We’ll be back tomorrow, though. But let me introduce you to Kyle Campbell, right? Kyle Campbell: That’s right. Alan Shimel: Kyle is the founder […]

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