TestRail Test Case Server

TestRail Server Edition is a powerful, on-premises test case management solution designed for QA and development teams. It offers comprehensive tools for managing, tracking, and organizing test cases as well as reporting on testing activities. With its intuitive interface, TestRail Server Edition facilitates efficient collaboration among team members, enabling the creation and execution of detailed test plans. This edition is specifically tailored for businesses seeking to keep their data within their infrastructure for enhanced security and control.

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Elevate Your Testing Strategy with TestRail’s Planning & Collaboration Features

Streamline Your Test Management for Unprecedented Efficiency

TestRail Test Case revolutionizes test planning and collaboration, offering a suite of tools designed to optimize every stage of the testing process. From individual test runs to comprehensive test case approval processes, TestRail empowers teams to harness their collective expertise and streamline their workflows.

TestRail Test Case Server Test Planning and Collaboration Features

With TestRail, you’re not just managing tests; you’re ensuring that every team member knows exactly what to work on and when, boosting overall productivity and product quality.

Core Features:

  • Test Runs: Effortlessly define and manage groups of tests, assign tasks to team members, and record results with precision. TestRail’s dynamic test run management ensures that every test is executed efficiently, keeping your project on schedule.
  • Test Plans: Organize and execute multiple test runs simultaneously, allowing you to assess your application’s performance across various operating systems, browsers, test environments, or devices. TestRail’s test plans provide a holistic view of your testing strategy, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Milestones: Set clear objectives, deadlines, and link your testing efforts to monitor progress toward your goals. Milestones in TestRail offer a macro view of your project’s health, enabling timely adjustments and focused efforts where they are needed most.
  • To-Do Lists: Keep your team aligned and focused with personalized to-do lists. Advanced filtering options and a centralized execution platform ensure that prioritization is clear and execution is seamless.
  • Test Parameterization: Simplify test data management by storing it in one location and running the same test with multiple values. This eliminates the need for copying or maintaining duplicate test cases, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Estimates & Forecasting: Input time estimates for test cases and record actual test times to accurately forecast project timelines. TestRail’s estimates and forecasting tools are invaluable for planning and adjusting your testing efforts to meet milestones confidently.

TestRail Test Case Tracking & Traceability

Experience Comprehensive Test Management and Oversight

TestRail redefines the way teams track and trace their testing efforts, offering an end-to-end solution that ensures every aspect of testing is captured, monitored, and managed with precision. From manual exploratory tests to automated regression tests, TestRail provides a centralized platform to maintain compliance and manage risks efficiently.

TestRail Test Case Server Test Tracking and Traceability Features

Efficient Workflows for Accelerated Testing

With TestRail’s three-pane view, managing your testing workflow becomes a breeze. Quickly open a test, review detailed test steps, log results, and seamlessly transition to the next test. This streamlined approach minimizes downtime between tests, ensuring your team can focus on what matters most—identifying and addressing issues early in the development cycle.

Detailed Test Result Logging

Capture comprehensive test results with TestRail Test Case management. Log results at each step, including testing times, environment details, and attach screenshots or other relevant files for added context. This level of detail not only enhances the accuracy of your testing records but also provides invaluable insights for troubleshooting and analysis.

Seamless Defect Management

Bridge the gap between testing and development with TestRail’s defect management features. Easily link to and push defects to issue tracking tools like Jira, facilitating instant communication and collaboration with the development team. This integration ensures that bugs are reported and addressed promptly, streamlining the resolution process.

Enhanced Traceability for Quality Assurance

Achieve unparalleled traceability with TestRail Test Case comprehensive reporting tools. Link test artifacts to requirements and defects to trace work from definition to delivery. This connectivity ensures a transparent and accountable testing process, enabling teams to maintain high-quality standards and compliance throughout the project lifecycle.

Rerun Tests with Ease

Recreate test runs or plans effortlessly with TestRail Test Case cloning feature. Without having to reconfigure settings, teams can rerun tests, ensuring consistent testing environments and procedures. This feature is essential for regression testing and maintaining a robust testing regimen.

Preserve Testing Integrity with Freeze Results

Finalize and preserve your testing efforts with TestRail Test Case freeze results feature. Closing test runs confirms all tests have been addressed and prevents further changes, securing a historical record of your testing activities. This feature is vital for audit trails, compliance, and reviewing project milestones.

Why TestRail is Essential for Your Test Case Management

TestRail stands as the epitome of test tracking and traceability, offering a suite of features designed to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and integrity of software testing. Whether you’re looking to streamline workflows, improve communication between testers and developers, or maintain rigorous standards of quality and compliance, TestRail Test Case Management is your solution.

Elevate your testing strategy with TestRail Test Case and experience a new level of control and visibility over your testing activities. Choose TestRail Test Case for comprehensive test tracking and traceability that drives results.

Elevate Your Testing Security with TestRail’s Comprehensive Security Features

Achieve Unparalleled Security and Compliance with TestRail Test Case

TestRail is committed to providing a secure and compliant test case management environment, ensuring that your data remains protected, whether your team operates from a single location or spans across the globe.

TestRail Test Case Server Security Features

With TestRail Test Case advanced security features, you can centralize administrative visibility and control, supporting compliance and governance at every level of your organization.

Key Security Features:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): TestRail simplifies and secures user access by supporting SSO via SAML 2.0, OAuth, and OpenID Connect. Enforce your security policies effectively, ensuring users’ credentials are safeguarded against loss, theft, or unauthorized reuse.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Strengthen your data protection with MFA. TestRail enables authentication through email or widely-used authenticator apps, adding an extra layer of security to user logins and access control.
  • Roles-Based Access Control: Exercise precise control over global and project roles and permissions with TestRail’s roles-based access. Designate access levels tailored to the needs of your team, from contractors to full-time staff, ensuring that every individual has just the right amount of access.
  • Custom Roles: Utilize TestRail’s custom roles feature to assign specific permissions to users, organizing your team effectively. This granular approach ensures optimal security by limiting access based on individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Audit Log: Maintain a comprehensive record of all activities within your TestRail instance with the Audit Log feature. Track the creation, modification, and deletion of entities, enhancing your ability to monitor and review access and changes.
  • Project Level Administration: Delegate project and user management tasks with confidence. TestRail allows you to assign administrative responsibilities to selected users without granting them full access to the system, facilitating efficient and secure management.
  • Backup Schedule: Ensure your data’s integrity with customizable backup schedules. TestRail lets you specify backup times, review completion statuses, and, in case of an emergency, restore the most recent backup, overwriting any subsequent changes.
  • User Groups: Adapt to the unique needs of each project by organizing testers into groups. TestRail provides the flexibility to add roles, onboard new users, and adjust permissions dynamically as your team evolves.

Why Choose TestRail for Secure Test Case Management?

TestRail Test Case stands at the forefront of secure test case management solutions, offering robust security features designed to protect your testing environment and data. By integrating TestRail’s security capabilities into your workflow, you ensure compliance, safeguard sensitive information, and empower your team to focus on delivering quality results without compromise.

Opt for TestRail and secure your testing processes with a platform that understands the importance of data protection and compliance in today’s digital landscape.

Why TestRail Test Case Platform is Essential for Your Team:

Are you tired of scattered test cases, inefficient collaboration, and security concerns hindering your software quality? TestRail Test Case Platform can be the game-changer your team needs. TestRail Test Case Platform is not just another tool; it’s an investment in your team’s efficiency, collaboration, and ultimately, the quality of your software. With its streamlined features, robust security, and collaborative environment, TestRail empowers your team to deliver high-quality software at every stage of the development process.