FusionCharts Suite XT

FusionCharts helps you build beautiful dashboards for your web & mobile projects. With extensive documentation, cross-browser support, and a consistent API, it is easier than ever to add interactive and responsive charts. From simple charts like line, column, and pie to domain-specific charts like heatmaps, radar, and stock charts we’ve got you covered. Start building your dashboards with FusionCharts today.

From mobile to web and complex reports to modern visualizations, we’ve got you covered with 100+ charts and 2000+ maps.

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FusionCharts Suite XT: Explore 100+ Charts and 2000+ Maps

FusionCharts provides over 100+ charts and 2000+ maps. With extensive documentation, a consistent API, and a range of customization options – FusionCharts is the most comprehensive JavaScript charting library that is loved by 750,000 developers across the globe. FusionCharts Suite XT includes FusionCharts XT, FusionWidgets XT, PowerCharts XT, and FusionMaps XT.

All our charts are designed to work on JavaScriptReactVueAngularjQueryEmber, etc. Head to these charts to check out the code and visualization of each of these frameworks.

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Why do 800,000 developers and 28,000 organizations love FusionCharts?

Easy to use with a low learning curve

Create your first chart in under 15minutes. And with consistent API across different charts build your next dashboards in a snap.

Customizable looks and feel

Give your dashboards a modern look with multiple pre-built themes or build your own themes with ease.

Support for the choice of your frameworks

From React to Ruby on Rails and CDN to NPM, FusionCharts supports the tech stack of your choice for both frontend and backend.

Extensive documentation

Comprehensive documentation for each library or programming language, with a lot of live examples.

A plethora of examples for inspiration

Get ready-to-use chart examples, industry-specific dashboards and even data stories, available with source code for you to quickly get started.

Intelligent configurations to save your time

Smart defaults to help you get started but provide deep configuration for each chart element.

Active roadmap

Frequent updates, quick bug fixes, and customer-driven roadmap

Priority support with live chat

Best-in-class support to help you with all your web & mobile projects.

Flexible pricing

Pricing plans customized for different team sizes, usage (internal vs SaaS), up-front vs annual