Powerful Real-Time Virtual Classroom Platform-As-A-Service Is Built In Delphi

Lumicademy is a platform-as-a-service for providing a real-time, virtual classroom experience that customers can add to their existing product or service and it is written in Delphi using Firemonkey. According to the developers if you need to add live video conferencing or desktop/document sharing to your existing application or service, then they provide the APIs and the native app experience. Delphi gives the developers the ability to target all the major desktop and mobile platforms along with the performance of native code. They easily blended assembly code in areas where they wanted maximum performance on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The platform welcomes integration-use platform partners according to their site. They say whether you’re an educator, teacher, university administrator, HR trainer, corporate consultant, training agency, corporate developer, or system administrator and integrator, Lumicademy was built with you in mind.



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