Powerful CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner Component Suite For Delphi Firemonkey By Winsoft

  1. Introduction

Delphi Builder components for preparing and burning images to CD, DVD, and Blu-ray optical storage media. Uses standard Windows Image Mastering API 2.

2. Components in the Demo and what they do


The Demo contains some labels with text, as well as TEdits for the directory paths and file names. The ‘Create Image’ button calls the button onClick event, which executes the Write process. In the next code you can see the execution in details.

The Main component that does the Image Writing is the TFDiscImage component by Winsoft. Depending on the TRadioGroup choice, the user chooses between two file systems – ISO 9660 and UDF. When one of the files systems is marked, an onChange event is fired with code:

To get better vision on what these components do, check the video below:

If you want to download this Component suite, click on the next link: