Modernize Your C++Builder Projects with the Migration Team

There’s a lot to consider once you’ve published your apps and they’re out there in the big wide World. Keeping relevant, matching new and emerging trends in both technology and user interfaces or interactions is a constantly-moving target. Luckily there are some easy-to-follow strategies to simplify those tasks and a number of things in RAD Studio which can help smooth the path and improve the robustness of your solutions.

The Embarcadero Migration Team will help you keep your apps modern, responsive and top quality

Stephen, Mary, and Al are back and walk you through the process of modernizing and migrating a legacy C++ application to the new C++Builder 10.4, specifically incorporating InterBase and FireDAC connections, among other innovations.

A video about how to improve your app to keep it looking modern and top quality

Follow along in this great video presentation where you get over an hour of their insights and advice, all for free!