MindGlow Is A Powerful Mindful Meditation App

According to the US CDC, the social and interpersonal restrictions which arose during the COVID-19 world pandemic was accompanied by a substantial uptick in stress and anxiety levels. People were apparently finding that the isolation brought about social distancing measures along with a corresponding impact on work and financial insecurity was unsettling and many seem to have found it difficult to deal with. One growth area for developers was in producing apps which helped mitigate those stress levels by encouraging techniques like mindfulness.

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MindGlow Mindfulness Android mobile app is powered by Delphi

For anyone that wishes to resolve emotional issues, enter relaxed states, creative states, and highly functioning learning at the touch of a button, then MindGlow is for you. MindGlow makes use of “binaural beats” sound technology. Binaural beats is the use of specific different synchronized tones to each ear. This kind of use of acoustic waves is believed to be able to promote mindfulness, a calming effect and with that a reduction in stress.

What does the MindGlow developer say about their mindfulness app?

Written by Canadian developers ProjectOne Solutions based in Ontario, Quebec, the app uses Embarcadero’s RAD Studio Delphi and the cross-platform FireMonkey FMX framework to target Android mobile devices.

ProjectOne says: “Some of the benefits of MindGlow are stress relief, relaxation, clarity, new ideas, new insights and emotional resilience. It even increases your HeartRateVariability for better physical health. Overall you’ll become more of your potential.

They also say “MindGlow includes audio sequences for all the beneficial brain states – Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. It also includes 9 levels of intensity – deepening your meditation for years to come“.

ProjectOne also say that you need to be wearing headphones or ear-buds to use the app due to the way different audio needs to be delivered to each ear independtly.



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