Learn More About Open Tools API From These Experts

TCoffee and Code is a webinar series on YouTube launched by Embarcadero Technologies. It’s an informal live conversation between a group of developers and experts discussing various topics related to programming and more. In this session, Stephen Ball was joined by his fellow Embarcadero MVPs David Millington, David Hoyle, and Dave Nottage to discuss everything about the Open API tools and the advantages of using them in windows application development.

What is the Open Tools API?

Open Tools API or OTA is a set of interfaces that allow developers to add features to the BDS, Delphi, and C++Builder IDEs.These additional features are called wizards that can use the OTA interfaces to modify the IDE, obtain information about the IDE’s state, and receive notification of important events. The discussion also highlights the things you can do with Open Tools API including the ability to add wizards to a new project, add new dockable windows, add options dialog pages and more.

Why “ask the Davids”?

Part of this one-hour-long webinar is a short demo of how the Open Tools API works. They also provide various OTA samples. Just like most TCoffee and Code sessions, there was also a Q and A section which allowed attendees to ask all the three guest “Davids” in this session. The Davids address all the Open Tools API questions that you should definitely not miss.

To learn more about Open Tools API, feel free to watch the video below and make sure to follow the Embarcadero Technologies channel for more TCoffee and Code sessions.