Learn How to Write Your Own Text Driver in This Learn Delphi Video

Alister Christie of Learn Delphi TV never failed to give us some useful tips and tricks on how to code faster in Delphi. These handy tricks were undeniably useful for both beginners and experts who are working with windows 10 apps development. In fact, he even published an ebook dedicated to these absolutely noteworthy coding techniques. At least 10 pages of his book are dedicated to keyboard shortcuts alone.

Aside from these tips and tricks in Delphi, Alister also shares some obscure discoveries in the program on his YouTube channel. In this Learn Delphi video, he will share with us yet another interesting trick that you might consider applying to your project as well. In case you are not yet aware, you can actually write your own text driver so that WriteIn can output to anywhere you want, not just to a file or screen. Feel free to watch this Learn Delphi video above and learn how to write your own text driver!