Learn How to Quickly Build a 32GB App in This New Learn Delphi Video

In this short and quick video by Alister Christie of LearnDelphi.tv, he will be showing us rather an unusual trick. In this new Learn Delphi Video, Alister will create a simple Windows app using the VCL Application in Delphi. While Delphi has been able to build 64-Built applications for quite some time, the video above will show us a simple Windows app that allocates 32GB of memory.

Yes, you read that right! A 32GB app! A simple Windows app that allocates 32GB of memory may not be an ideal setup for whatever application or windows 10 app development project you are building but this quick demo will show us that it is indeed possible. If you want to experience it yourself, watch this quick Learn Delphi video tutorial and try to apply it to your own Delphi Project.