Learn How To Embed C Source Code To Delphi FireMonkey Applications

In this CodeRage session, you can explore how to embed C code into a Delphi FireMonkey project. The demo was demonstrated by Marion Candau.

  • How to compile C code to embed into Delphi project
  • How to link the C objects to the Delphi units
  • How to call C functions

To compile C source code you can go with C++ Builder or other tools for instance Visual Studio. We have 2 options for the resulting format, they are object files and shared libraries. You can use object files for Windows 32 and 64 bits, also macOS 32 and 64 bits. And a shared library for Linux, Android, and iOS.

How to link the C objects to the Delphi units?

  • We need to link the C object files for Windows and macOS 32 platforms
  • For mobile platforms, we link each function with its shared library file and need to add the path to the shared library into the Search path.

To learn more about how to embed C code on different platforms, be sure to watch the full CodeRage session!

Head over and watch the Embed C Source Delphi video on YouTube!