Learn How To Code Faster In Delphi Using these Keyboard Shortcuts in This Learn Delphi Video

Delphi MVP Alister Christie recently launched his book entitled “Code Faster in Delphi”. Much like his YouTube Channel that aims to help aspiring programmers to program faster and better through various tricks and with the help of some windows app development tools, his book comes with the same core function. Interestingly, in this new Learn Delphi Video, he will demonstrate a pinch of what you could possibly learn from his book.

The video will show us a few easy and effective keyboard shortcuts related to selection that will help you boost your productivity. These include the CTRL + W, CTRL + Z (Smart Around), and CTRL + / shortcuts. The video will also highlight obscure keyboard shortcuts that most of you may not be well-familiar with. To learn more, feel free to watch the video above and see how you can effectively apply these keyboard shortcuts to help you code faster in Delphi.