Learn About Delphi Continuous Integration With SVN, Jenkins, And DUnitX

In this tutorial, you learn how to configure a Jenkins server to build and run a DUnitX test application using MSBuild, to be triggered by commit to a subversion repository, and to notify by email when the test fails.

Brief Introduction to Version Control

  • Version Control allows you to maintain multiple versions (revisions) of your source code on a remote server
  • Version Control assists in the maintenance of source code with multiple authors

What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration is a team problem. Continuous Integration is all about preventing the main branch from being broken so, your team is not stuck. That’s it. It is not about having all your tests green all the time and the main branch deployable to production at every commit.

Continuous Integration is independent of any tool. You can verify manually that the merge of your branch and the main branch works locally.

Be sure to watch the whole session to learn all the concepts related to Continuous Integration with Delphi