Introduction to Python GUI Development with Delphi for Python (VCL & FMX)

Part 1 starts shortly at 9 AM CST, and Part 2 on using Delphi FMX for Python to target Android is in two weeks on January 26th at 9 AM CST.

Learn how Embarcadero’s newly released free Python modules bring the power and flexibility of Delphi’s GUI frameworks to Python. VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) are mature GUI libraries. VCL is focused on native Windows development, while FireMonkey brings a powerful flexible GUI framework to Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android. This webinar will introduce you to these new free Python modules and how you can use them to build graphical users interfaces with Python. Part 2 will show you how to target Android GUI applications with Python!

Come back here for links, slides, and the replay.

Python GUI Development