Impressive Cross-Platform Real Time Strategy Game Is Built In Delphi

Knights Province is an old-school RTS game which emphasizes strategy and it is built in Delphi. The game is currently in Alpha. This game is a labor of love by developer Krom who has been working on the engine it uses over ~12 years and the game itself for ~6 years. According to the developer “unlike many modern RTS games, which are fast-paced and often are more about tactics, KP planned to emphasize on “strategy” component. Slower-paced gameplay, base-building, resources collection and processing, in-depth strategic choices, variety of resources and units, attention to details.” Additionally, about the technology to build the game the developer says “Knights Province is developed in Delphi (Object Pascal) from scratch. Graphics is written against OpenGL ES2.0 specs. Main target platform is desktop Windows. Yet untested, but should also work fine with Wine on Linux and MacOS platforms. The code is compatible and runs on Android as well, although GUI and controls are not properly rigged. Multiplayer will be using Overbyte ICS. Sound effects are OpenAL.” Wow, impressive achievement guys!

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