How To Explain A Cross Platform App Builder To Your Boss

You have been working on a new cross-platform app using a cross platform app builder, and you’re just about done with it. You’ve tested it on your own devices, tweaked the interface until it’s perfect, and you’re ready to share it with the world! But now you have to explain it to your boss. Here’s how to do it without blowing their minds or making them skeptical about your skills as a developer. 

What is a cross platform app builder?

A cross platform app builder is a software development tool that enables developers to build iOS and Android apps using the same codebase. This can save time and hassle by allowing developers to create apps that work on both platforms without rewriting code or relying on third-party tools. 

A cross platform app builder is also great for larger projects where multiple team members must work on the same codebase without creating various files for every platform. 

A good starting point is Delphi Community Edition if you’re looking to build a cross-platform app. It’s free to try and use and has plenty of features to get you started. 

Defining a cross platform app builder

When you’re trying to convince your boss to invest in a cross platform app builder, it can be tough to explain just how valuable the tool can be. Here’s a guide on how to do just that. 

  • Define the Problem
    • Before you can even start explaining how a cross platform app builder can help, you must first understand the problem. In most cases, companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 
    • By using a cross platform app builder, you can give your team the ability to create mobile and desktop applications for different platforms with ease. This makes it easier to manage and scale your business operations. 
  • Emphasize the Benefits
    • Once you’ve defined the problems, it’s time to start highlighting the benefits of using a cross platform app builder. First and foremost, this tool can save your company money in the long run. By using one codebase for more than 3 or 4 platforms, the company can avoid all the costly development costs that come with customizing each application separately.
    • Additionally, a cross platform app builder can make it easier for your team to collaborate and share information across different platforms. This ultimately leads to increased efficiency and better communication within your business operations. 

The different types of cross platform app builder

Cross platform app builder allows developers to create mobile and web applications deployed on different platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. There is various app builder out there, so it can be difficult for developers to choose the right one. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the three most common types of cross platform app builders and give you tips on how to explain them to your boss. 

The first type of cross platform app builder is called a hybrid builder. Hybrids combine features from iOS and Android app builders, making it easy for developers to create mobile apps that look and feel like their existing web applications. Hybrids also allow you to use code from either platform, giving you more flexibility when building your app. 

The second type of cross platform app builder is creating native but also multi-platform applications that can directly access the hardware and operating system functionalities. Moreover, this application is more secure and provides easy access to everything.

As a recommendation to you, we advise you that the most productive cross platform app builder in history called RAD Studio.

What is RAD Studio?

RAD Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for building cross-platform native applications. The RAD Studio IDE provides a comprehensive set of tools that streamline and simplify the development life cycle. RAD Studio provides you the most stable technologies in the market along with the most secure and fast programming languages: Delphi & C++;

How To Explain A Cross Platform App Builder To Your Boss - RAD Studio schematic

Why we are saying it is the most productive environment to build graphical apps? Because the ecosystem that you get with this IDE is compelling. With hundreds of built-in visual and non-visual components you can build any type of application in seconds by just dragging and dropping them. Moreover, the technology behind this provides you to fully customize everything you see.

How To Explain A Cross Platform App Builder To Your Boss - an image of the RAD Studio IDE

Unleash the power of your dreams

The latest RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria version currently provides everything with high stability and new compatibility updates in the development ecosystem. For instance, the high-DPI designers for VCL and FireMonkey, as well as the styled VCL form designer, have been greatly enhanced. Therefore, the Welcome Page is now much more customizable, where you can create your own development nest! With vast amount of amazing functionalities and features you can enjoy building the next gen GUI apps with RAD Studio

  • VCL Styles at design time1 Prototype stylish UIs even faster by seeing everything in design-time
  • FireMonkey – design and prototype faster with visual lines and enhanced margin and padding support
  • Debug faster with RAD Studio’s Integrated Native Debugging functionalities
  • Debug and deploy your app to any iOS, Android, macOS, Windows or Linux device
  • Go from Ad Hoc to Application Store swiftly

Moreover, if you want to create an app that is mostly animated and designed with various animations, you can try the Skia for Delphi library. Skia4Delphi is a cross-paltform 2D graphics API for Delphi platforms based on Google’s Skia Graphics Library. With it you can easily create high performance user interfaces in seconds.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the FireMonkey framework. For instance, with its 3D graphics development components and libraries you can create fully-featured 3D applications or games. Even you can mix 2D UI controls and 3D controls at the same time without losing any performance.

The pros and cons of a cross platform app builder

There are pros and cons to using a cross platform app builder for your next project. Here’s a closer look at each:

Pros of using cross platform app builder:

  • Reduced development time: A cross platform app builder allows you to build your app using familiar design and programming tools on different platforms, saving you time and money. 
  • Increased productivity: Using a tool like RAD Studio will make you more productive since you’ll be able to develop faster and with fewer errors. 
  • Greater flexibility: With a cross-platform app builder, you can create an app that works on different devices and operating systems, which is excellent for businesses that need to target multiple markets. 
  • Reduced risk: With less code to write, the potential for error is significantly reduced, meaning that your app will be more stable and reliable. 

Cons of using a cross platform app builder:

  • Limited choices: Not all cross platform app builders offer the same features, so you may have to sacrifice functionality or design if you choose one over another.
  • Slow apps: Sometimes, using cross platform technologies to build apps, you can see that your apps can be slow and not behaves like native apps, and it kind of breaks the user experience.

How do you explain a cross platform app builder to your boss?

How To Explain A Cross Platform App Builder To Your Boss - an image of a person standing in front of a whiteboard, presumably explaining cross platform app builders to their boss

Like most software developers, you’re probably familiar with the term “cross platform app builder”. But if you want to convince your boss that this tool is worth investing in, you’ll need to do a little explaining than “it lets you build apps for multiple platforms from one codebase”. Here’s what you need to know to make your case.

Cross platform app builders are tools that let developers create mobile and desktop applications using the same codebase. This means that instead of app developers having to write different code for each platform (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc.), they can use a cross-platform app builder to create an application that works on all of them.

The benefits of using a cross platform app builder are clear: developers can spend less time developing apps and more time creating quality products. And since a single codebase can work on multiple platforms, your company can save money by creating apps that are accessible to a broader audience. 

So why would your boss want to invest in one? Well, there are two main reasons: first, cross-platform app builders make it easier for your team to create products that appeal to a broader audience. Second, they can help your company

Target all available desktop and mobile platforms using only one codebase

Assuming you’re the boss of a small company tasked with building a cross-platform app, here’s what you should do: first, make sure you understand the basics of cross-platform development. Next, create a codebase that can be used on all platforms without modification. Finally, use this codebase to build your app. 

Understanding how it works is crucial if you’re new to cross-platform development. Cross-platform development means creating an application that can be run on multiple platforms using the same source code and not breaking anything when using the same app on various platforms. This makes managing and maintaining your app easier because you can write once and deploy it to many different devices. 

Building an app is a lot harder than it seems! But with the help of a codebase that can be used on all platforms, it’s something you can enjoy.

how to explain the benefits of a cross platform app builder?

When you’re explaining to your boss the benefits of using a cross platform app builder, it’s important to highlight just how many different devices your app can be installed on. This way, you’ll be able to convince them that investing in a platform like RAD Studio is the best decision for your business.

Therefore, if your app is available on more devices than ever, it’ll be much easier for people to find and use it. 

Why should you use RAD Studio for your next project?

While explaining cross platform app builder to your boss, you should not act as a novice. You should have at least one exact evidence that shows how it simplifies the development process or cuts engineering time by providing more opportunity to work on higher business problems.

As an example, you can show most of the popular features of the RAD Studio ecosystem with its various tools and technologies. Head over now and learn all about best-in class development environment – RAD Studio