How To Create A Real Mac App Step By Step Guide

Hello developers. Our previous sessions in our Winter Webinars series which showed you how to create a real Android app step by step“, how to create a real iOS app (even if you do not have a mac), and how to create a real windows app were extremely popular. During the sessions I showed how to use RAD Studio 12 to create multi-platform apps to target Android, iOS and Windows devices. Building on that is the following session which shows how to create a real Mac app, using RAD Studio 12 and Delphi.

The session focuses a little on the real benefits of Firemonkey FXM frameworks rather than just creating a Mac app. The main reason is it’s really easy to create a Mac app with RAD Studio, but also because the Winter Webinar series is iterative – building on the things we learned in prior webinars and adding to that knowledge. Over the next few weeks, we’ll start to actually add proper functionality and link things up to the cloud, the web, each other, and even a robot arm. Stick around; we’re going to see that RAD Studio can do pretty much anything you can dream of – and do it without needing to be a super hardcore software developer too. If you want to register, go to:

In this article you can catch the full replay including the questions and answers. If you watch on YouTube please hit the “like” and “subscribe” buttons to make sure you get notifications of all the videos in the Winter Webinar series. Hitting “like” and “subscribe” on YouTube will not add you to any mailing lists from Embarcadero – the only effect is for YouTube to send you a notification the next time we upload a new webinar or start a live broadcast.

Where can I see the replay of the “How To Create A Real Mac App Step By Step Guide” webinar?

Here’s the full replay of the video.

All the video replays are also uploaded to our YouTube channel.

You can also find them in the “Learn” section of the RAD Studio IDE Welcome page. The plan is, as time goes on, for me to fill that “Learn” tab with a whole series of videos which take you through every aspect of creating cross-platform and desktop apps with RAD Studio on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

How to create a real iOS App even if you do not have a Mac

You can view the replay of the webinar, including questions and answers here:

Where can I get the slides for the “How To Create A Real Mac App” step by step guide?

Here are all the slides for “How To Create A Real Mac App Step By Step Guide”.

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