High-Performance Integration For Humanitas

When your users are trying to access things like their health-plan information, the responsiveness of your apps can often be key. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a button in a mobile app and then waiting for what seems like a lifetime to get some sort of response. This is doubly important for healthcare apps like HumaSmart since your users are often attempting to obtain pertinent information to present to a healthcare provider to, for example, prove they have the necessary coverage to obtain treatment.

It’s stressful enough if you’re feeling unwell – we software developers don’t want to add to that by having apps which wallow through click after click to get to what the poor user wants. That’s why the high speed and rock-solid reliable performance of Delphi applications is such a critical component of a successful mobile application.

High-performance integration for Humanitas - Humanitas Website
Humanitas De Venezuela Website

Your app could make a real difference to people’s daily lives

HumaSmart allows their users to search for an collate their healthcare information and interact with the national service provider Humanitas of Venezuela.

With the Humasmart App, which is written with RAD Studio Delphi using the versatile cross-platform FireMonkey framework, users can access their health plans with Humanitas Administradora de Riesgo information and services in a quick and easy way on their cell phones and other mobile devices.

What does the HumaSmart app do?

According to the development notes from Humanitas the app provides:

  • Details on family members included on the users health plan along with details of the coverage types
  • Request your letters of endorsement and reimbursements.
  • Quick access to Humanitas Administradora de Riesgos’ hotlines (Telephonic Medical Guidance Service, Home Medical Care and Ambulances).
  • Consult status and details of all the user’s cases and process additional documentation or reconsiderations.
  • Communications about the health plan, as well as health and wellness newsletters.
  • Direct access to emergency care calls.
  • Quick access to Humanitas’ social networks

It’s an excellent integration with Humanitas’ APIs and services and a great example of what can be done with Delphi.



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