Get Jurassic with Loady Dungeons: The new UGS sample game


The Addressable Asset System provides an easy way to load assets by “address”. It handles asset management overhead by simplifying content pack creation and deployment.

The Addressable Asset System uses asynchronous loading to support loading from any location with any collection of dependencies. Whether you are using direct references, traditional asset bundles, or resource folders, addressable assets provide a simpler way to make your game more dynamic.

Loady Dungeons utilizes the addressables package to handle the asynchronous dynamic referencing of different scenes and hats, which is necessary for CCD to provide the online models and textures, as opposed to a fixed reference that requires a local version of the AssetBundles in order for the game to function.

Cloud Content Delivery

Built for game development, Cloud Content Delivery (CCD) is an end-to-end service for live game updates combining powerful asset management, cloud storage, and a reliable content delivery network (CDN).

CCD allows us to implement new levels or hats for our main character on the fly and host that data on the cloud. This means users won’t have to deal with the increased install size of all the scenes and hats available downloaded locally to their device. 

Only when the game requires that content does it get loaded dynamically and delivered. This drastically reduces the pain points of bloated install sizes and patch download sizes, which is particularly useful for mobile devices.

Cloud Content Delivery also enables developers to easily manage seasonal content – for example, the winter and Halloween levels in Loady Dungeons can be timed to only be available during certain times of the year. 

Hats like the bunny ears could also be timed for spring, and once those periods are past, that timed content can be easily removed from the client to keep a smaller install size.