FreeAndNil() – Delphi Developer Debate

You are familiar with FreeAndNil(), but do you use it? How often? Are you using it right? As with most things in software development, it is a complicated topic. So let’s see what the experts have to say. We are going to debate the details in a friendly discussion with some of your favorite MVPs.

  • Webinar details:
  • This blog post will include the replay, slides, and more after the webinar.

The Survey Says…

When you register for the webinar we’ve included a short survey to see where you stand on the issue. During the webinar we will compare the general consensus with that of our MVP panel of experts.

The following MVPs have weighed in on the topic, register today to see what they have to say!

  • Dalija Prasnikar
  • Frank Lauter
  • Uwe Raabe
  • Paul TOTH
  • Radek Cervinka
  • Olaf Monien
  • Dr. Holger Flick
  • Patrick Prémartin
  • Boian Mitov
  • Matthew Vesperman
  • Vinicius Sanchez
  • Darian Miller
  • Juliomar Marchetti
  • Erik van Bilsen
  • Allen Bauer
  • Nick Hodges