Ext JS 7.5 Has Arrived!

The Sencha team is excited to announce the latest release of Ext JS version 7.5. On the heels of the 7.4 release which introduced highly requested features and upgrades including 4 new rich Grid features and quality improvements in both the toolkits, 7.5 includes many quality enhancements, usability improvements and fixes for customers reported issues. This article summarizes improvements and quality fixes in the 7.5 version of Ext JS.


Usability Improvements and Enhancements

As part of the 7.5 release, we upgraded the Froala Editor and Font Awesome packages to the latest 5.14.4 version and provided out-of-the-box localization support for new grid features introduced for both the toolkits in 7.4 version, such as Multi-level Grouping, Summaries for groups and total, and Filterbar. 

Froala Editor now includes track changes and markdown support.

Shown: The list of Font Awesome icons, including the new icons introduced in the latest Font Awesome version (5.14.4).

Showcasing the localization support of Hebrew language for new grid features introduced in the 7.4 version like filter bar, and multi level grouping and summaries.


Quality Improvements

The 7.5 release includes more than 40 quality improvements for customer reported tickets. Some of the most notable improvements are for the following customer reported issues:

  • The number column in the modern grid doesn’t have a renderer function/method
  • Chart tooltips are triggered from the wrong location when innerPadding is used.
  • pullrefresh plugin doesn’t fire load event on the bound store.
  • Remote filters with gridfilter plugin ignores autoLoad: false. So, from 7.5 onwards, autoLoad config for store should be considered when remoteFilter/remoteSort is/are configured. If autoload:false/autoLoad is not configured and filters/sorters are set then the store won’t load until .load() is called initially. If the user wants the store to load automatically, the user has to set autoload:true config.
  • Modern date picker not selecting the correct date.
  • Modern combobox has multiple query issue when forceSelection:false, multiSelect: true and queryMode: ‘remote’.


Please refer to the Ext JS 7.5 release notes, for further details.

Modern Toolkit – Grid Filter styling applied to the filtered column.


Version Support

Support for Ext JS 7.5 in Sencha Upgrade Advisor, and Sencha Bridges (ExtReact, ExtAngular, and ExtWebComponents) has been provided. Please go to the Support Portal and download the latest versions.


What’s Next?

Sencha Tools are following this release and will soon hit the market with the latest 7.5 support*.

The work on Ext JS 7.6 is in full swing*! The Sencha team is pacing well on regular quarterly releases, and we are committed to delivering new features, quality, performance, usability enhancements, and improvements all along. Our goal is to provide you with continual support through quality and performance enhancements. If you have any feedback or questions, please drop in a note to us here or get in touch.

*Features are not committed until completed and GA released.


Try Ext JS 7.5

We are working hard to serve our community better in all areas. Please do try out our new Ext JS 7.5: 

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and our Youtube Channel for updates. Until next time, let’s build great apps and happy coding. 


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