Discover How to Style Third Party Controls That Don’t Support VCL Styles In This Learn Delphi Video

Alister Christie of Learn Delphi TV has also ventured into YouTube to provide some of his useful insights about Delphi. Most of his content is aimed to provide tips and tricks to help aspiring developers improve their programming skills and coding proficiency. These include some useful keyboard shortcuts in Delphi to help you code faster and better. windows tools for developers. From time to time, he also shares some new and obscure discoveries in Delphi that are absolutely worth exploring.

In this Learn Delphi video, he will share with us another interesting trick. This time, we will explore some styling controls that don’t support VCL styles, and in this case, a cxGrid. In this video, Alister will demonstrate to us how to style third party controls like cxGrid that doesn’t support VCL style (apparently it has its own style engine). To learn more, feel free to watch the video above and see how this method works and how you can apply it to your own Delphi project.