Discover Data Types in Delphi In This Learn Delphi Video Series

In this video, which is part of the Delphi Series for Beginners, we will learn more about the different types of data that can be stored with a Delphi Program. Learn what exactly is a Data Type and how do we choose the correct Data type? The video will give us comprehensive details and comparison among different data types that can be stored with a Delphi Program from Numeric Data Types to Character Data Types, and more.

According to the video, these data types are not the only ones available in Delphi but they are the ones being used more often. Knowing that these data types are also generally used by other programming languages, it is very important to know every detail about them. Above all, these data types can also be used to store values in short term memory as variables or in databases as fields. Watch the video above to learn more data types, their variations, and their function.