Delphi in the Galileo Project in Brazil

The first class formed by Tech4Me’s Galileo Project also ended their journey with knowledge in Delphi.

What is Project Galileo?

The Galileo Project is a Tech4Me initiative that aims to transform the lives of young people from simpler backgrounds through technological education. The proposal is that in 6 months these young people can have the necessary knowledge to enter the job market in a position of junior programmers.


Participation of Embarcadero and its Academic Program

The first class formed by the Galileo Project had 36 hours of additional content focused on the Delphi language with RAD Studio 10.4.2 Sydney . It took 6 weeks, with 2 weekly meetings per week using the Embarcadero tool in its latest version. This is thanks to Embarcadero’s Academic Program that provided full licensing for students who were able to enjoy all the features of RAD Studio Enterprise.

Idea embraced by the Delphi Community

The instructors of the Delphi module taught to this first group of graduates of the Galileo Project were already well-known and renowned members, with great performance in the Delphi community.


Fernando Rizzato, Kelver Merlotti, Landerson Gomes and Marcos Moreira joined the presented Project and participated donating their time and teaching the content to the students.

Employability on the rise

As the market has a great demand for IT professionals, the proposal becomes even more convincing when, even before the course is concluded, students begin to be recruited. And so it was. The Alterdata Software , whose president Ladmir Carvalho is also a founding partner of Tech4Me, recruited some young people and they are already working in the company, which is located in the city of Teresopolis – RJ.


Ladmir Carvalho and young people recruited from the Galileo Project


I would like to take this post to thank the Tech4Me Team for their support. Cristian, Carol, Bruna …thanks so much for all your support. Ladmir thank you for the memory and for the invitation. Thank you Fernando, Kelver and Marcos for embracing this idea, Embarcadero for the freedom it gave us to participate and contribute something so rewarding.

And also a special thanks to these stars located by Galileo, who from now on are new colleagues in the IT field.

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Until the next opportunity.

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