Customer Case Study: Viasoft Korp

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Wagner Landgraf, TMS Business Product Manager, has recently published a post in his blog, with a transcription of a nice interview he has made with Alexandre Henzen, Technical Director at Viasoft Korp, a big software company in Brazil that provides ERP software for industry and belongs to Viasoft group, which also has software for other segments like agribusiness, retail stores, among others.

The interview was in Portuguese but the the English transcription of the main parts of it is provided by the blog.

It’s really great to see how TMS Software and Delphi made an important role in the company history. The company now has more than 70 employees, being part of the group that has more than 500 employees.

According to Alexandre himself:

All the architecture of our software written in Delphi is built around TMS Business.

He uses TMS Scripter, TMS Workflow Studio, TMS Aurelius, TMS RemoteDB and TMS XData, among other products belonging to the TMS Business line of products.

Some of their customers are as big as having 500 simultaneous users, with thousands of operations every day. TMS Business products are handling it hands down.

He also mentioned his experience after upgrading to Delphi 10.4.2 Sydney. In his own words:

Sydney 10.4.2 is the most stable release that I’ve seen since XE2.
Compilation time was 58 minutes, it dropped to less than a half of it just by upgrading to it.

It’s a very interesting interview when they also talk about other topics, including the role Alexandre had in TMS Aurelius development. Visit interview post to see the full text and let us know in your comments what did you think about it!