Creating the future of version control: A call for beta users

While this functionality does already exist via the desktop client, the goal of this release is to get teams up and running directly in the web dashboard. This eliminates the need to install a separate client for routine management tasks.

Additionally, Saver Studios can implement a network (IP) allowed list to prevent malicious users from accessing the organization. If a user tries to connect to the cloud server from an IP that is not on the allowed list, the connection will be rejected. For ease of management, Saver Studios can simply specify the allowed IPs, or name particular users who can connect from certain IPs.

To help new team members get started, Saver Studios maintains a well-documented readme file. The readme is often the first file that a new team member is going to read, as it contains key information about the software, project, code, game, and setup instructions. As Saver Studios onboards new contractors to use the Plastic web dashboard, they are equipped with all the tools at their disposal to make the most of their onboarding process.