Creating games for everyone: Introducing Unity Learn’s new accessibility course

Practical Game Accessibility is a new, free online course for intermediate creators. It’s an introduction to creating games that more players can enjoy. As you work through the course, you’ll learn about prioritizing accessibility while building a game guided by an inclusive design approach.

To support this learning journey, we created Out of Circulation – a small, vertical slice of a point-and-click narrative adventure game. You’ll use Out of Circulation as an example case study to explore and expand upon throughout the course.

“You’ll work it out, Sureswim,” Old Smalt reassures you as she passes you the apanthometer and sends you on your way. Surely the benevolent tech-witch and her gadgets will help you solve the mystery surrounding the local library. While your sidekick Wink is an expert in eavesdropping, you’re going to need all the support you can get! 

Not working on a game? No problem! Although Practical Game Accessibility uses games and game development as its core example, you can also apply much of what you’ll learn to other non-game projects, such as simulations, visualizations, and other real-time applications.