CLion Bug-Fix Update 2022.1.1


CLion 2022.1 was released in mid-April and was focused on quality improvements and enhancements for existing features and workflows. While the team has already started working on 2022.2, the scope for which we announced recently, there are still bug fixes and enhancements we want to deliver in v2022.1. That’s why today we are publishing the CLion 2022.1.1 bug-fix update.

Build 221.5591.52 is available from our website, on the Toolbox App, or as a snap (for Ubuntu). You can also update via patch from the IDE itself.


Below are the highlights of this update.

Project models

  • CLion can now report CMake build progress when the Ninja generator is used.
  • We fixed the regression with incorrect loading of environment variables from files in Run/Debug configurations. This also means that the integration with Conan’s Virtualrunenv now operates normally.
  • We added the Reset Cache and Reload Project action to the Repair IDE action list.
  • When using the Ninja generator, CLion now uses the same default value for the -j flag (80% of available processors) as for Makefile generators.
  • We fixed the issue with build types not propagating to CMake commands in CLion when using --preset in CMake options (CPP-28682).
  • We fixed the regression that was preventing Makefile intentions from running specific targets (CPP-28994).
  • We fixed the regression that was preventing CLion from recognizing the Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64 CMake generator.


  • We fixed the regression on Windows that was causing paths to make executables and C and C++ compilers to be passed incorrectly when using remote toolchains (CPP-28996).
  • When a Docker toolchain is created without configured servers, the auto-detected server is now preselected and the images are listed.

Debugger and RTOS integration

  • The settings in Debugger | Data Views | C/C++ | Variables are now applied immediately after being saved.
  • We fixed an issue with the debugger that used to occur when setting a breakpoint before creating the first FreeRTOS thread.
  • The FreeRTOS view in the debugger now displays the full information in all cases (CPP-27904, CPP-28810).

C++ language support

  • We made the Endless loop inspection more accurate (CPP-29073, CPP-29072, CPP-20290).
  • We added support for C++23’s if consteval.
  • Clangd-based navigation became more accurate now in CLion (CPP-28034).
  • We fixed a clangd crash (CPP-28569).


The full release notes are available here.

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