Ce schimbări aduce RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney

10.4 Sydney adds significant new and enhanced Windows capabilities throughout the product in addition to major productivity and performance enhancements across supported platforms. Delphi 10.4, C++Builder 10.4 and RAD Studio 10.4 are available to download by any active Update Subscription customer.

RAD Studio 10.4 Overview

  • Significant Windows Enhancements. Deliver visually stunning apps with crisp high DPI UI elements on 4k monitors with new flexible styling support for visual controls. Build modern enhanced title bars similar to Office, Explorer, Google Chrome, and others. Significant stability improvements with a new debugger for C++ Windows 64-bit.
  • Windows VCL Style Changes for High DPI. The VCL Styles architecture has been significantly extended to support High DPI and 4K monitors. VCL controls are now automatically scaled for the proper resolution of the host monitor. The style API for Windows has also been fully revised to support high DPI styles. Each UI element can be scaled to any DPI, resulting in crisp UI elements on all monitors.
  • Metal Driver GPU Support for macOS and iOS: FireMonkey Metal API support offers a smooth migration to future requirements and better native performance for screen rendering. The Delphi macOS platform offers Metal API support while Metal API on iOS is available in both Delphi and C++Builder.
  • Faster Coding. The code editor has several productivity improvements, including new settings such as file codepage and font size on the editor status bar.

RAD Studio 10.4 delivers significantly enhanced high-performance native Windows support, increased productivity with blazing fast code completion, faster code with managed records and enhanced parallel tasks on modern multi-core CPUs, over 1000 quality and performance enhancements, and much much more.

Cross-Platform Enhancements

  • Added support for the Metal API on macOS and iOS
  • In addition to supporting the latest iOS SDK, developers using RAD Studio 10.4 can also address Apple’s new launch screen storyboard requirement through built-in IDE support.
  • This release includes a new FMX implementation for the styled TMemo component on the Windows platform, offering better support for IME and additional enhancements.
  • Enterprise and Architect Edition customers can take advantage of FMXLinux integration for building Linux GUI applications.
  • The TWebBrowser control for iOS is now implemented using the WKWebView API
  • The macOS implementation of Media Player control now used AVFoundation
RAD Studio cross-platform support metalapi_apple

Toolchain performance and quality improvements

  • A large number of STL improvements from Dinkumware
  • Several key RTL methods and areas improved, based on work done to improve compatibility with common C++ libraries
  • Several improvements to CMake support
  • A large number of quality and stability improvements
  • Windows API Updates – We enhanced many API declarations and added additional ones, to further improve the powerful Windows platform integration.
  • General enhancements to the FireDAC database access library and also updated the drivers for FireBird, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Choose SQLite static or dynamic linking.