Build your live game in a single modular platform with Unity Gaming Services

Let’s start with building your foundation. Building backend and multiplayer infrastructure early in production is vital for our developers – like InnerSloth, Riot Games, and Fika Productions. Pick what your game needs from multiplayer tools, player data management, and in-game content publishing. 

Managing accounts

Authentication, currently installed in more than 4,000 projects, allows you to assign an account to players and attach to them all the data generated by the backend products.

Cloud Save lets you track and store player data including abilities, statistics, and more, enabling cross-device accounts for your players – the service saw over 14 million API calls over beta. 

“Having the ability to link Economy and Authentication in one place to achieve synchronization across devices was literally a game changer for us.” – Mike Hardy, Lead Game Designer and UI Engineer, Line Drift

Enabling multiplayer

Lobby enables players to come together in either private or public lobbies before joining into the core game session. Lobby is already supporting over 400 unique game projects, including both in-development and live games.

Relay enables developers to build peer-to-peer games without needing to tackle the complexities of dedicated game server hosting. Relay ensures security and privacy by never requiring IPs to be shared and encrypting all game traffic with DTLS.

In addition, Relay can be set up with Netcode for GameObjects (beta) for small scale co-op projects, and works out-of-the-box with Unity’s Lobby service. Today, Relay is powering more than 2,500 unique game projects.