Bookmarks and Navigator are available for RAD Studio 11!

Bookmarks and Navigator, originally known as the Parnassus plugins, are some of our most-requested IDE addons. We’re very glad to let you know they are now available in GetIt for RAD Studio 11. To install, go to the Tools menu in the IDE, GetIt Package Manager, and select the IDE Plugins section in the category selector on the left:

Bookmarks is a developer-favourite addon that replaces the editor’s inbuilt bookmarks, with an unlimited number of bookmarks, a handy shortcut (Ctrl+B), avoids overwriting bookmarks accidentally, caret bookmarks for quick toggling of location and reverse/stack navigation, a docked window showing bookmark context, and more.

Navigator is a related plugin that helps you quickly navigate anywhere in your code: press Ctrl+G, and type to filter to show all useful elements in the current unit. You can type, for example, ‘prop Foo’ (or even shorter, ‘p f’ or even ‘f’ if you have few enough items to make this useful: it filters more as you type more) to find properties with Foo in their name, or find property read/write fields or methods related to that property… or to navigate to classes, records, enums and other types; unit sections like uses clauses; methods; variables, and more. Anything useful in your unit is shown in Navigator and is quickly accessible. It also adds a minimap to the IDE editor showing where you are in your code.

RAD Studio 11.0 showing the Bookmarks and Navigator plugins in useRAD Studio 11 showing the Bookmarks and Navigator plugins both in use: bookmarks are shown in the editor and the docked window on the bottom right, while the Navigator plugin is providing the minimap on the right side of the editor and the floating navigation window where I’m searching for a method

Bookmarks and Navigator are usually available immediately with the release, and that did not happen for RAD Studio 11. However, we have configured our internal build so that these plugins will always be available in future: that is, you can feel assured we have internal setup to not repeat the delay. The third Parnassus plugin, Debugger, should also come within a few days. The plugins are available for both RAD Studio 11.0 and 11.1; in fact, the screenshot above is taken with RAD Studio 11.0.

Thankyou for your patience waiting for these plugins, and we hope you find the Delphi and C++Builder IDE even more productive and pleasant to use with these extensions! Don’t forget — they’re available right now in GetIt. Happy coding!