Application Shortcuts and Speech Recognition in TMS iCL on FMX

TMS iCL is our Delphi iOS component library. The components are in fact wrappers around the iOS operating system level defined controls and are usable from a FireMonkey form. 
As iCL controls wrap iOS operating system controls, the entire look & feel as well as feature set of the iCL control is defined by what the iOS control offers. It is rendered by the iOS operating system.
Another advantage is the performance,
 the control remains extremely fast and responsive, irrespective of the number of items or the complexity of what is displayed.

Both iCL controls and FNC or Firemonkey controls can be used together on the same form.


In this update we added four new components, replaced some deprecated components by Apple and updated our demo’s to work out of the box on Delphi 11.

Application Shortcuts

On a device that supports 3D Touch, a user invokes the quick action by pressing the app’s icon on the Home screen and then selecting the quick action’s title.

The TMSFMXNativeAppShortcuts component has a list of shortcut items which will trigger an event when the item was selected to open the application.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Speech Recognition

Two components were introduced for speech recognition. TMSFMXNativeSpeechRecognition to retrieve the text from the spoken input or from an audio file.

And the TMSFMXNativeSpeechCommandRecognition, which will execute an event when the required text has been recognized by the component.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Sheet Controller

TMSFMXNativeUIViewSheetController lets you present a view as a sheet on top.

The height can be set and there is the possibility to show or hide a grabber.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Replacing deprecated components

TMSFMXNativeUIViewPopOverController replaces UIPopoverController as the UIPopoverController is deprecated by Apple. TMSFMXNativeUIViewPopOverController now inherits from the UIViewController.

TMSFMXNativeWIWebView replaces UIWebView. It is a new component, but has all of the same procedures and properties as TMSFMXNativeUIWebView. This will make it easy to update your application.

And the demos were updated to work out of the box on Delphi 11 and with iOS 14+.

More information on TMS iCL.