Add The Powerful Angular Web Framework To Your Delphi Apps

Angular is an extremely popular and powerful web application design framework. It’s a development platform for creating highly efficient and sophisticated single-page apps. Angular is built on TypeScript which is a strongly-typed super-set of JavaScript. The TypeScript framework shares a parentage with Delphi since the project is headed by Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg who we all know better as the original creator of Delphi. Anders is still very active in the TypeScript project. TypeScript was designed to overcome some of the shortcomings of JavaScript and in particular to try and use the lessons learned with Delphi’s superb type system to help prevent very common and subtle errors which crop up frequently in JavaScript when developers accidentally misuse an object.

What sort of features does Angular include?

  • It’s a component-based framework for building scalable web applications.
  • TypeScript has a collection of well-integrated libraries that cover a wide variety of features, including routing, forms management, client-server communication, and more
  • TypeScript has a suite of developer tools to help you develop, build, test, and update your code

With Angular, you’re taking advantage of a platform that can scale from single-developer projects to enterprise-level applications. Angular is designed to make updating as easy as possible, so you can take advantage of the latest developments with a minimum of effort. Best of all, the Angular ecosystem consists of a diverse group of over 1.7 million developers, library authors, and content creators.

What can we do with Angular and Delphi?

Of course many things we can do using Delphi, one of them is by serving Angular application using it, so let’s create simple web application using Angular. Here are the steps:

Running Angular with Delphi

Run application and point your browser to http://localhost:8080/index.html , you should see something like the image below:

Add The Angular Web Framework To Your Delphi Apps! - example of Angular running inside a Delphi app

Easy isn’t it ? Please check updated code here