A Clean Workflow: Are You A Secret Soaper?

If you’re anything like me you don’t probably put a huge amount of thought into the workflow processes that go into making a bar of soap. In fact, most of the time I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about what soap is actually MADE from let alone how it’s made. I mean, I know there’s something called “parfum” and if I pay a bit extra the soap has a fancy name or advertising which implies I will suddenly smell like the freshest mountain breeze… but even then I only have the most vague idea of the litany of chemical names on the ingredients label and even then if you dumped them onto the table in front of me I’d be lost.

Enter the Soapers

Imagine then my surprise to find out that there is a whole cadre of people out there who not only understands the difference between Linoleic and Linolenic acid but actually know the whole process and procedures behind making their own soaps. They are affectionately called “soapers“.

SoapOpera makes making soap less of a soap opera drama

SoapOpera, from Russian Company Eco Electrics, is a Delphi mobile application which helps soapers through the whole workflow process of making their own soaps. Making great use of RAD Studio Delphi’s Firemonkey cross platform FMX framework the beautifully engineered Android app contains tools to assist with ingredient calculations and recipe storage as well as an oils database.

It’s a great-looking mobile app with terrific functionality.



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Screenshot Gallery

SoapOpera workflow app 1
SoapOpera workflow app soap calculator
SoapOpera workflow app oils database
SoapOpera workflow app recipe page
SoapOpera workflow app weight calculations
SoapOpera workflow app main page
SoapOpera workflow app hero image

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