7 Best Delphi Rules and Practices That You Should Live By

The recently concluded DelphiCon 2021 was indeed a success and the virtual event managed to gather some of the big and popular names in the Delphi community to provide insights about Delphi, windows program development, and more. One of them is Nick Hodges who has been part of the Delphi community since the very beginning. He is an original Delphi 1 beta tester and he used to work with Borland, CodeGear, and Embarcadero Technologies. He is also the author behind various eBooks like Coding in Delphi, More Coding in Delphi, and Dependency Injection in Delphi. With all the experience he had with Delphi, Nick is definitely one of the right people to share his insights about the best Delphi practices that every programmer should live by.

What are the seven Delphi rules that you should live by?

In this session, Nick Hodges will share his insights on his top seven best practices on using Delphi. First, Nick is encouraging programmers not to waste their time formatting their code. Formatting code is probably one of the most important things you can do as a developer but you should come up with an effective and less time-consuming formatting scheme to improve your productivity. He is also encouraging programmers to leverage and create Live Templates to consume less time in coding.

Nick is also strongly suggesting everyone not to be an “On-Click” programmer by designing the business logic of your application outside of and apart from the user interface. Another Delphi practice that he strongly disapproves of is the use of the “with” statement. Aside from the fact that it makes debugging more difficult, using “with” can make bugs easy without even knowing it.

Nick is also encouraging programmers to learn how to use Debuggers and to take advantage of their functions. He is also encouraging everyone to take advantage of the free add-ons that come with RAD Studio such as Parnassus Navigator, Konopka controls, and Parnassus bookmarks to name a few. Lastly, in connection with his recent book, he is advising programmers to use Dependency Injection, a technique or process of organizing your code in a decoupled fashion. The session also concludes with a Q&A portion to address some of the Delphi-related questions.

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